Our Startups

Housiey brings you an Online Site Visit experience unlike no other. They have built Project Unboxing, Locality Discovery, Dynamic Costsheets and AI enabled 3D views as a part of this experience.

Totality has created a unified platform that integrates Sales, Marketing, Loyalty Management and Channel Partners. They are able to reduce customer acquisition costs for a developer by a whopping 66%! Totality is based in Mumbai.

Bird's Eye Energy has invented a solar panel that generates both electricity and hot water, effectively doubling the energy output from a single panel. They are based in Hyderabad.


Our Alumni

Aapka Painter

Aapka Painter is a profitable Bangalore based startup, solving a real life problem and impacting lives and livelihoods positively.

AapkaPainter simplifies the entire process of painting to a few clicks and transforms mundane walls to colourful, inspiring spaces. With advanced colour consultancy and 3D visualization that intelligently helps select colours, textures and designs, for each wall, thereby leading to increased levels of customer satisfaction. One will also get the exact cost of
painting his/her house instantly, based on the product and process selections.

Founded by Anupam, graduate of NIT Warangal, along with his partner for life, Dhivya, a fellow batchmate, AapkaPainter transcends boundaries to create happy homes and has brought smiles to 1300+ families.


Bleusinq is a Chennai based start-up developing IoT enabled switches for home automation. They have figured out a mechanism to convert any switch into a smart switch by integrating their technology into existing home circuits, at a very economical price.

They believe in simplicity of design and installation and are on a mission to make home automation accessible to all homes, not just luxury residences. As a result of their tight integration into the home circuitry, they are also able to impact energy efficiency in a drastic fashion.

CRE Matrix

CRE Matrix is a Mumbai based startup. They have created a revolutionary Deep Analytics platform for Commercial and Residential Real Estate.

Using their analytics core, they are able to provide accurate and trusted lease and sale transaction information, asset level reports, micro-market analysis, asset valuation and rental & absorption projections from registered data.


Clairco is a Bangalore based startup that specializes in indoor air purification. Clairco is one of the fastest growing startups in the Brigade REAP portfolio.

They are able to deliver clean air in an affordable and measurable way by enhancing existing AC systems with air purification capabilities.

The founders of Clairco, Ayush Jha and Udayan Banerjee were recently named in Forbes 30 Under 30.


ECOSTP has developed a patent pending sewage technology, based on biomimicry and gravity and natural principles. Their STP installations require minimal human interference and no power for operation.

The solution can treat waste water ranging from 5Kilo Liters per Day to 1 Million Liters per Day.

ECOSTP was selected as a Best Practice case study for United Nations SDG Sustainability Asia Pac report.


They receive packages from ecommerce and logistics companies at dedicated kiosks at building entrances. This takes away the problem of wasted efficiency in the last yard for these companies and free up capacity for them. Exprs then delivers these packages to the door of the recipient, by enhancing the convenience without compromising on security. A win win!


JustFence is a Bangalore based startup. They are India's top portal for all property fencing requirements.


LiveSafeTM detects and analyses radiation levels & provides cost-effective solutions to reduce the effects of radiation. LiveSafeTM products are the result of extensive R&D. With their products, the radiation levels have dropped from 200,000 μW/m2 to as low as 100 μW/m2.

Micratel, now called cablesmith

Micratel's unique solution helps create a scalable and future proof communication network inside buildings.

Micratel is a one-stop-shop for all communication network requirements. Right from providing design services, roadmap entry strategies, network monitoring capabilities, and much more, they cater to diverse domains like hospitality, transportation, retail, enterprises and smart cities.


Natura has developed Natura Super Absorbent Polymer Substrate (NSAP) a proprietary light weight modular media slab which is easy to use and which requires 6 times lesser water than soil based media. Combining natural coir fibre with a proprietary adhesive and compression formula, Natura has also developed the Natura Geo mat and the Natura Coir Hard Board. These materials are natural insulants and thereby help reduce temperatures by up-to 6 degrees celsius. A unique combination of the above materials leads to the Natura Green Wall, Natura Green Roof & Natura Plantscaping solutions.

Natura provides Green Wall, Green Roof and Interior Plantscaping Solutions which improve air quality by capturing air pollutants, increasing Oxygen content in the room and reducing temperatures thereby improving Public Health and reducing energy utilisation and costs.


PotHoleRaja is on a mission to make India's roads pothole free. They are using technology and material innovations to tackle this massive problem that claims thousands of lives every year.