• Mentorship

    We have a handpicked panel of mentors who bring in their expertise from various disciplines into the sectors we are focusing on. Heard of “Been there, done that?” That’s exactly how we’d describe our leadership board. That’s also why we’ve chosen them to guide and mentor our startups.

  • The team

    Our dedicated team at Brigade REAP is diverse, yet committed to create something pathbreaking in the world of PropTech. They bring in years of experience in the corporate world, and have brought it together to set up this accelerator programme to promote entrepreneurship.

  • Access to customers

    Customers come first. Especially to a young company that’s starting its journey and needs to learn along the way. Our programme gives these companies access to customers- whether it is to provide them with a test bed and a pilot, or whether it is to listen and offer solutions to the problems they present.

  • Financial Benefits

    The core of any business lies in its financial model. The viability of this is what determines its sustainability and potential to scale. Brigade REAP’s investment mentors share insights on an ongoing basis on that prepare the startups to face investors and other financial challenges along the way. This is what sets us apart from other accelerator programmes that introduce investors to the companies at the time of launch. The team at REAP helps with developing an in-depth Investor Pitch and Business Plan, and gives the startups the opportunity to present to investors from across the country.

  • Workspace

    The energy in the working environment is a subtle, yet prominent factor in influencing a company’s growth. Brigade REAP offers a fully-loaded self-contained workspace across 5 locations in Bangalore (JP Nagar, Koramangala, Lavelle Road, Rajajinagar and Whitefield), Chennai and Hyderabad. This can be used for meetings or brainstorming sessions - anything that helps accelerate your growth!

Equity for mentorship

In return for the engagement of a startups, Brigade REAP takes equity ranging from 2% to 5%, based on a guideline that we’ve derived after engaging with dozens of startups over the years.

The Brigade REAP team gets into the trenches with each startup and through a series of focused, company specific set of exercises identifies critical growth levers and choke points. This is in addition to the deep and wide network that opens up for each participating startups. We, at Brigade REAP, believe in creating long lasting, sustainable businesses that are scalable and are proud to share that only one out of twenty five graduating startups has shut down.

The Network

50+ veteran


Access to over three
dozen investors


Four in-house
experienced mentors


Partnerships with Intel, Cisco,
CBRE, Microsoft and CIIE - IIM Ahmedabad.


Deep relationships with industry
pillars like CREDAI, WRI and NASSCOM


Domain expertise of the
leadership at Brigade Group

Does It Pay off?


Startups Mentored


Of the Startups Raised External Funding


Average Revenue Increase


Have received business from the Real Estate ecosystem

Sectors In Focus

The Real Estate, Retail and Hospitality industries require innovation in technology to create an impact for change. The broad sectors that our startups focus on are:

IOT (Internet
of Things)

It’s the era of the cloud. IoT is the next big thing in technology, and we like to integrate this into Smart homes, Smart communities, Smart cities, Home Automation, Building Management Systems (BMS), Analytics & Enterprise Data Management, Construction Management.

Cleantech and

Sustainability is the deciding factor for our future, without which we might not have one. Our PropTech startups focus on Alternate energy, improved technology for higher efficiencies, Waste & Water Management.


Let’s use Nano Tech to make lighter structures, stronger concrete composites, Energy efficient glasses, Self-cleaning paints & other similar advancements.


Personalisation is changing the way the world works. Let’s customize and secure the future with Facial recognition, Video security & surveillance, Video analytics, Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality.

Logistics and
Supply Chain

Some of the biggest issues in the largest industries deal with logistics. Our startups smooth the way for logistics and supply chain sectors by improving efficiencies in different ways.