PropTech@REAP is a Syndicate Fund that invests in promising hi-growth PropTech startups. The fund is led by Brigade REAP, Asia's earliest PropTech focused accelerator program. PropTech, as an investment category, is growing at a CAGR of an incredible 105%.

Investment Strategy
We operate at the Pre-Seed & Seed stage investing in companies looking to raise between Rs 1 crore to Rs 3 crore. We lead the investment round.

Sector Focus
Our focus areas in PropTech include Robotics, AR/VR, Big Data, IoT, 3D Printing, Construction tech, Alternate material, Smart buildings, Sustainability, Property intelligence and Analytics, Logistics, EV Infrastructure and UrbanTech
PropTech@REAP leads investments alongside HNIs and other angel investors from the real estate community in India.
The team behind PropTech@REAP has mentored over 50 PropTech startups at Brigade REAP.


Are you an investor?

We firmly believe that a startup becomes fundable only if it has relentlessly focused on it’s core value proposition and identified it’s primary customer base. This helps them uncover any choke points that are inhibiting their growth and also allows them to identify specific growth levers that otherwise might be obscured. Raising external investment becomes an inevitable by-product if these fundamentals are solid. As a part of the program, we help our startups fine tune their business, pricing and financial models by stripping away unnecessary distractions with iterative exercises.

If you would like to know more about any of the startups from our portfolio, we would be happy to answer all your questions and make introductions. Please write to us.


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