Proptech@REAP is a syndicate fund led by Brigade REAP, Asia's First PropTech focused accelerator program. The fund invests in PropTech startups, both from the REAP accelerator portfolio and outside.
Brigade REAP is the lead investor in this fund and will co-invest alongside angel investors and other funds focusing on PropTech.
PropTech@REAP works with startups looking to raise between $125,000 and $400,000.

We would love to hear from startups that have developed innovative and disruptive technologies in areas like construction tech, smart buildings, sustainability, transactions etc with a demonstrated product market fit and traction.


Are you an investor?

We firmly believe that a startup becomes fundable only if it has relentlessly focused on it’s core value proposition and identified it’s primary customer base. This helps them uncover any choke points that are inhibiting their growth and also allows them to identify specific growth levers that otherwise might be obscured. Raising external investment becomes an inevitable by-product if these fundamentals are solid. As a part of the program, we help our startups fine tune their business, pricing and financial models by stripping away unnecessary distractions with iterative exercises.

If you would like to know more about any of the startups from our portfolio, we would be happy to answer all your questions and make introductions. Please write to us.


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WEGoT Utility Solutions

Water, as we all know, is a resource that is getting scarcer every year. We are firmly in the corner of any company that can help India tackle this really monumental problem, that is only getting worse. WEGoT, based out of Chennai, is able to save 35% of water usage by monitoring water usage patterns using sensors and an IoT framework that they have built. Within an year after they completed the program at REAP, they grew their revenue by 300%!


Qwikspec, founded by Ajith Alexander and Roby Kurien, is a Bangalore based company. Their Project Site Management Tech Platform has proved savings of a whopping 40% on cost of rework. In addition, the process optimization that Qwikspec effects has been demonstrated to drop by almost 33%!


Snaptrude helps architects and designer teams reduce between 80 to 90% of time and cost at the concept schematic design stage. This can translate to anywhere between 0.5 to 1% of overall structure cost. A further 1